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Just the Facts

I'm a Scottish-born, Norwich-based, writer. I've lived in Norfolk for several years, and have also resided in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Vancouver, Seattle, and (not to be mentioned to much in my home county), Ipswich in Suffolk.

My background includes English, Irish, Eastern European, Jewish, and, according to Ancestry DNA, Welsh. In addition to my novels, I've written several award-winning short Stories, articles for technology and music magazines, and also a play. Some of these were written using my alter ego, Iain Andrews.


Latest Update

Leaving Clues at the Scene of the Crime

I recently returned to Old Library Wood, the scene of the murder at the start of Rosary Road.

This time it wasn't for research, but to leave copies of the novel in the library established by the Old Library Wood Collective. The Collective have done a fantastic job in transforming the space from the neglected wasteland to a place of magic.


Please get in touch, although bots, trolls, and state agents should not bother.


Stories to download or read online, but note copyright remains with me. Note that most contain material unsuitable for children.

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 Ghost/ Supernatural;   Crime/ Suspense;

 More lighthearted;  Indescribable

 O'Malley and the Mermaid

Three men find a mermaid and decide to capture her, but she's got other ideas

 Percy Has a Plan

Could be the prequel to Animal Farm, an apocalyptic warning to humanity about its arrogance and ignorance, or just a daft story about a reincarnated pig

 The Old Shed

A warning about the dangers of being too trusting as pensioner hires cowboy builder.

 The Sunken Palace

The dark secrets of passengers on an ocean liner are revealed...

 Tourist Trap

In a village steeped in vampire tradition, a young tourist is targeted by a predator who seems to know too much about its history.

 The Pale Child

A Norwich ghost story. A young butcher learns of a vengeful spirit haunting the market.

 Red or Black

A bomb disposal expert ponders his next move

  Murder on the Mayflower

This one won a prize for cramming the most genres into a single short story. It's basically a sci-fi, apocalyptic, whodunit, werewold, romantic romp. There may be more.

 A Woman of Taste

A cheesy tale involving a bankrupt blogger and a failing farmer

 The Hanged Bride

The ghost of a wronged woman stalks a remote village in the Norfolk Fens.

The Devil's Picture Book

A sobering warning about the dangers of drink

 The Collapse of Civilisation

Surely not a dig at the Turner Prize? A struggling blacksmith must overcome rivals backed by powerful social media and influential critics to win a prestigious award