Stories to download or read online, but note copyright remains with me. Note that most contain material unsuitable for children.

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 Ghost/ Supernatural;   Crime/ Suspense;

 More lighthearted;  Indescribable

 O'Malley and the Mermaid

Three men find a mermaid and decide to capture her, but she's got other ideas

 Percy Has a Plan

Could be the prequel to Animal Farm, an apocalyptic warning to humanity about its arrogance and ignorance, or just a daft story about a reincarnated pig

 The Old Shed

A warning about the dangers of being too trusting as pensioner hires cowboy builder.

 The Sunken Palace

The dark secrets of passengers on an ocean liner are revealed...

 Tourist Trap

In a village steeped in vampire tradition, a young tourist is targeted by a predator who seems to know too much about its history.

 The Pale Child

A Norwich ghost story. A young butcher learns of a vengeful spirit haunting the market.

 Red or Black

A bomb disposal expert ponders his next move

  Murder on the Mayflower

This one won a prize for cramming the most genres into a single short story. It's basically a sci-fi, apocalyptic, whodunit, werewold, romantic romp. There may be more.

 A Woman of Taste

A cheesy tale involving a bankrupt blogger and a failing farmer

 The Hanged Bride

The ghost of a wronged woman stalks a remote village in the Norfolk Fens.

The Devil's Picture Book

A sobering warning about the dangers of drink

 The Collapse of Civilisation

Surely not a dig at the Turner Prize? A struggling blacksmith must overcome rivals backed by powerful social media and influential critics to win a prestigious award